E-Book (EPUB)
180 Seiten
Sprache English
2019 Nicole Coverdale
ISBN 978-1-5136-4937-5


<p><em>When light and dark collide, one sister must make a choice that could change their lives&hellip; forever.</em></p><p>In the wake of the tragedy that struck on Halloween night, Josslyn, Jade, Julie, and Jasmine are shocked to learn the truth about Sky. He has no heart&mdash;someone stole it and now they are bound to get it back. When Jade, Jasmine, and Sky embark on a trip to the heavens to find his heart, they realize things are not as they seem. Black angels have taken over the heavens and they want one thing&mdash;Jasmine and Sky dead.</p><p>But the heavens have a silver lining. A psychic, who is tasked with helping Jade find the answers to the questions she seeks by taking her on a journey to her past, present, and future. What she sees changes everything, but time is running out. For she can only focus on one thing&hellip; the threat to the future.</p><p>For down on earth, something has gone terribly wrong. For the underworld has risen to the surface and one sister has turned to the dark side.</p>