The Apotheosis

von Darrell Lee

E-Book (EPUB)
Sprache English
2019 Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, LLC
ISBN 978-1-946329-85-1


Absolute power corrupts, and the scientist at the center of Darrell Lee’s new science-fiction thriller THE APOTHEOSIS (May 2019), is the perfect storm of ill-intentioned genius, wealth, and cruel obsession. Channeling the propulsive action and scientific-authenticity of a Michael Crichton novel, Darrell Lee delivers an all to plausible bio-engineering disaster in the waiting. John Numen is the man with too much—money, status, and brilliance—for his own good. With a tale spanning nearly a century, Numen’s technological advancements remake the world in his own image to devastating results.

Follow the adventures, tragedies, and intricate world-changing plots of this extraordinary and ruthless man – a story that spans continents and decades.